The Ethic of the West continued

Untangling the web of leaders who are working in a consorted effort to undermine the fabric of the United States’ Western Ethic is no longer an impossible task for investigators because the leaders who are against our heritage have become embolden in their rhetoric, actions, and legislative bullying. The enemy is easy to spot by their Agenda 21 buzz words such as “Sustainable Development,” “Carbon Footprint,” or “Climate Change.” They now openly use the words, “Global Currency,”
or “One World Nations.”

What does it mean when the President creates a pack of more than thirty unelected Czars, a majority with Socialistic ties, who write policy giving the government control over personal rights?

What does it mean when the Speaker of the House presents a health care bill with more regulations and taxes in it than common sense dictates, not to mention the spending of trillions of dollars “on credit” to a foreign entity with our land as collateral for an ineffective Stimulus Bill?

What does it mean when the government seizes a portion of the banking and auto industries? What will be next?

As Michelle Malkin says, Washington DC is now “Chicago on the Potomac.” Yes, congregated in hallowed halls in Washington DC is the elite Progressive group who are attempting to usurp our traditional rights and freedoms under the simple promise of “change.” They are radicals who want to fundamentally transform the basic fabric of the United States. Faith in God is to be replaced by faith in a big government who will redistribute wealth and create a new social justice which will abolish personal rights such as freedom of speech, the right to carry guns, and the right to Choose health care.

Throughout the halls and monuments of Washington DC, the symbols etched or carved into the walls, ceilings and facades are silent reminders of the Ethic of the West. They quietly stand as witnesses to the dismantling of our framework of freedoms.

With its Godless roots spreading green tentacles across the fruited plains to choke
the Ethic of the West, Agenda 21 thrives. Savant Noir says,

“Climate change is being used to foist a political agenda. UNFCCC
[United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change]
is the compiled protocols of Agenda 21 and those protocols are driving every
piece of legislation coming out of this administration.”

Will the United States Constitution continue to hang by a thread until it is replaced completely?

Or will the Ethic of the West arise to save it?

Thomas Jefferson speaks clearly to patriots from the grave:

“But when a long train of abuses and usurpations pursuing invariably
the same object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute
despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such
government and to provide new guards for their future security.”

Is the Ethic of the West dead?
Is it alive?

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Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.

Remember  the quote “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country?” In typing class the quote was used to practice keyboard skills.  The faster you learned to type the letters, the more likely you were to snag a secretarial job.  In the process of  learning to type quickly, the quote was committed to memory.

Patriots need to reach into their memory pool to pull out  the quote, dust off the words, and shout the quote to fellow citizens: “Now is the time for all good men  to come to the aid of their country! ” It is a desperate plead for help in the 11th hour. Standing shoulder to shoulder,  patriots have a chance to block the governmental encroachment on personal rights that is taking place on a daily basis.

 Sadly, the call  may be too late. However, the American spirit is not to be underestimated. If the call to action is heeded, enemies of the Constitution may find themselves facing angry patriots instead of sheeple who follow along blindly to the luring sounds of utopian pipes.

“Nothing  you see happening in our country today is just ‘Left-Wing insane legislation,’ ” says Savant Noir, a history scholar who acknowedges the insdious dismantling of individual rights hidden in an agenda. “It is, in fact, brilliantly executed. The powers in control know exactly what they are doing and they’re doing it at breakneck speed. While people have been yakking about ‘conspiracies’ for years, or while they waste their time with the latest sensation or hyperbole, this agenda has been marching forward uncontested and unimpeded.” Patriots must become aware of the policies within our country that fall under the category of an overall plan to destroy our way of life while proclaiming it is “sustaining” life.

What is it?

According to Navant Noir it falls under the ostensive concept of  saving our planet.

“It is the outcome of the Earth Summit, organized around the concept of  ‘climate change,’ man’s impact on the environmental resources and the organic biosphere. It is currently getting notoriety as the United Nation’s Framework for Climate Change Convention (UNFCCC), which is the Treaty which legally binds all nations to Agenda 21.”

The influx of  anti-Constitutional concepts that originated over forty years ago have been embraced through “friendly” implementation in our country since 1992, when Bush signed the “Sustainable Development”  program called Agenda 21.  In 1993, by executive order, Clinton signed into law the President’s Council of Sustainable Development to further the implementation of Agenda 21.

What is Agenda 21?

 Tune your ear to local, national and international policy changes that use buzz words such as “sustainable,”  “equity” or “global.”  The words are the  mantra of policies sweeping through our country via platforms of  organizations, not necessarily from citizen voting power.

The bills presently being pushed through Congress such as Cap and Trade and Health Care Reform are riddled with Agenda 21 verbage. “The language in of all these massive bills are straight out of Agenda 21. Just by reading the 44 chapter titles of this document would give one a good understanding of what is going on if they are politically aware enough to  connect the dots,” says Savant Noir.

Agenda 21 is aimed at supporting big government take over of private property rights, medical freedom, education, and economic well being. The Constitution guarantees citizens freedom to control government; Agenda 21 guarantees government control of the citizens. The policies of Agenda 21 are enemies of the framework of our government precisely because they seize government control over individual rights. Sadly, many citizens don’t understand the importance of the Constitutional guarantees and will probably be blind until their personal land is seized, their personal water supply is diminished or cut off, or their kindergarten child is taught about homosexualism.

“Sustainable development” is another word for governmental land grab leading to robbing Americans of their private properties in the name of saving the environment. “Sustainable Medicine”  is a little more personal because it’s a grab of  citizens’ healthcare including grandma’s right to live.  These policies are justified by buzz words such as: “global equity, “common good “or “environmental stewardship.” Ostensively reasonable words on the surface, aren’t they? They have pervaded our society. “Global warming,” “Universal healthcare,” “Global governance,” “Global citizenship,” and “Global monetary system'” are used openly.

 International concern for the well being of the United States is making nervous allies from other countries speak out.

President Vaclav Klaus of the Czech Republic says,”The environmentalists speak about saving our planet. We have to ask–from what? And from whom? I think I know [those answers] for sure. We have to save the planet, and us, from them.”   (Pete Chagnon, One World News Now 3/9/09)

Dr. Richard Lindzen, an MIT professor, says, “I think [there is] one point you should notice as one discusses the science, and that is that global warming alarm–as far as I can tell– has always been a politcal movement, a highly organized one, and although it took me a while to realize this, opposing it has been an uphill battle.” ( ibid) Why is it an uphill battle? Because Chicago thug tactics of ridicule, erroneous  data, or pay-offs are used to quiet dissent.

Sound familiar?

Time to act, Patriots. Get the Garlic, Crucifix, tea party and votes warmed up to stop Agenda 21 which is an implementation of a plan to dismantle individual sovereignty, state sovereignty and finally, the sovereignty of the United States.

Just as vampires suck  blood, so big government sucks private land, money, education, health and individual rights with one intent–to lead citizens to the utopia called The One World Government.

If  Patriots don’t come to the aid of their country NOW, they may become real live characters on the stage of life just like the fictional characters in bondage in Orwell’s 1984, Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged or Huxley’s Brave New World.

“Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country!”

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